@alex good choice. There's an LG 4 door in black stainless that i want.

@Pixley @alex @sexybenfranklin (Also, Karen, do you think hatchbacks are bougie???)

@Pixley @alex @sexybenfranklin oh, okay, yeah I was too deep in the bit and forgot we were talking about fridges

@brogepi @Pixley @sexybenfranklin

first two doors are regular fridge
next two are for drinks and for produce (so you don't have to waste energy to get an apple or whatever)
bottom one is freezer

@alex @brogepi @Pixley ah, so they basically took the 4 door design and split the drawer in two for different uses. Smart. What's the interior look like? The one i looked at was a lot of grey plastic and wood accents and looked incredible. Does it have the ice maker in the door or does it take up fridge space?


@sexybenfranklin I wanted the wood and stainless one because...pretty...but that was absurdly expensive. The ice maker is in the door. I wanted one that had nothing on the front (water inside, ice in freezer) but very few have that option.

@sydney yeah, it's nice. A little whiter on the inside than the other kitchen aid i saw. I liked the grey plastic cause it kinda helped diminish the brightness, which would be good for late night use.

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