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5 minutes after I said it sounded like the electricians were drilling through the floor in our bathroom, the electricians drilled through the floor in our bathroom.


mama is a tow truck.

Hello my name is Sydney and I am an intuitive electrician.

My shoulder is crusted with their snot and their diaper is leaking all over me but I can’t justify waking a sick sleeping baby.

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We made it almost 2.5 years without hank getting a cold.

I love it when I think my child is awake but then they face plant back into bed and keep on snoozin

One of my absolute favorite things is reading the title of one of hanks books wrong and watching them laugh their butt off while also getting increasingly frustrated.

Henri has informed that lemons are here to save the day so get ready folks

My toddler is playing their synth on my face

Good evening from me and my newly acquired eye twitch

complaining about sleep as a parent 

I had only been asleep for 15 minutes before Henri woke up at midnight. They have been back to sleep for an hour and a half now but I can’t sleep. I have, at most, an hour left before they are up for the day. I am sure that I will end up becoming incredibly sleepy just a few minutes before they wake.

I asked hank if they wanted anything from the store when I go this morning and they said they wanted a fire truck. I clarified I was going to the grocery store so it would need to be something they could eat and they clarified you can eat the wheels of a fire truck.

drowning my sorrows in german open ended wooden children's toys

It’s the perfect day for a nice cup of hot chocolate milk

10 years ago today I was in Las Vegas and ordered an incredibly expensive bottle of water from room service because I forgot that both mini bars and vending machines existed.

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