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Nothing says Monday like stomping out of your moms room while yelling “well I’m just a big fucking dummy then!”

Henri would be really, really good at mopping floors if mopping floors only involved the wetting and wringing of the mop and not actually anything to do with the floor.

My child was trying to fill up a syringe from a bottle of infant Motrin with their baby hair gel this morning.

Happy birthday to my favorite husband named Alex!

sitting in the car alone feels luxurious, says local mom

I'm gonna mop the kitchen floor with a toddler wish me luck

For the first time in five months I heard our alarm go off while still in bed. I wasn't asleep, and Henri wasn't either, but it still feels like something.

I lied to the hairdresser when I asked her to put the hair in the ziplock bag I brought. I said it was for my garden, but actually my mom asked me to keep it so she could try to make paint brushes out of it.

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I cut 10 inches of my hair off today and I feel like a new person

Alex and Henri are playing “Costco samples” where Henri refuses to eat dinner in their high chair and instead Alex sits on the floor with food in his hand saying “excuse me can I offer you a sample?”

I'm thinking about the time I had to teach my coworker how to scroll with a track pad.

I just love the screaming and going limp phase

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