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I love the weekend, where I do almost the exact same things I do all week in the exact same place at the exact same times

Watching my husband spread things with spoons brings me great sadness

On tonights episode of This American Wife...

“You’d think chimney people would be into the devil!” he yelled, as he carried a small child up the stairs.

my child might possibility have the most teeth of any human in the world

I am that friend you text photos of the wad of hair that comes out in the shower to at 9pm on a Thursday night.

On their final day of babyhood, we purchased our child shoes.

If you think I'm gonna spend the next 72 hours crying about my baby becoming a toddler then you are RIGHT.

Invite only frozen coffee cube delivery service

todays goal: teach baby how to shake hands

I typed join with a g and spent way too long unable to determine why the word did not look right. Happy Monday!

Hello my name is Sydney and I have a yarn addiction.

I'm thinking about purchasing my child a small broom for their first birthday

Is it ethical to use magic to help my toddler sleep through the night?

It was a pitiful 32 minute nap and now we are doing Big Cries sooooooo

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I successfully put the baby to sleep for the first time in 4 months

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