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baking recommendation 

biscuits of both varieties

“They are so old” I said to my husband between sobs while nursing my 6.5 month old to sleep

It's Sunday and I do not want to be awake right now.

I’m trying to figure out which one of Henri’s baby teeth to turn into a necklace when it falls out.

why is a blanket being described as having a "frothy" texture???

I work with a lot of arts organizations so the odds of them trusting my typo as truth is high.

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how many times today am I gonna type sing up instead of sign up?

Bonus points if you still keep trying to talk while nursing for 40+ minutes

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Welcome to Henri’s Party Hour where you wake up screaming and then proceed to make sounds that sound a lot like “hi dada” over and over while giggling to yourself and trying to eat your moms chin.

The last 30 minutes has been a rollercoaster of good, horrible, great, and bad news. I need a nap now.

My mother just accused me of not being able to write in cursive.

When I see my baby stirring as I’m getting ready for bed my gut reaction is “Quick! Hurry up and fall asleep before they wake up!” as if they would wake up, see me sleeping, and change their mind about loudly crying.


I have a bag of flour for the first time in what feels like ages and I am overwhelmed with what to do with it.

Today is the day I finally locked Alex in the basement!

somehow the marketing copy I am writing has turned into the lyrics to 50 ways to leave your lover

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