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I just remembered that in 2013 I purchased 500 temporary tattoos with my face on them.

The search for a not too ugly gardening clog begins

Henri slept for 14 hours last night and I slept for 8.5 and I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON.

My mother in law let it slip that she got me a magnolia tree for my birthday. It just looks like a bucket of twigs right now, but someday it will be a beautiful big tree with beautiful blossoms that I will yell at the squirrels for eating.

It must feel so weird and incredible to discover the ability to move. Before, they'd lay in the exact same spot for hours. Then, they unintentionally would roll onto their belly and freak out about it. Now, they do triple barrel rolls whenever they want.

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I have been watching them silently wiggle for half an hour now. I just wanna know what their plan is.

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I don't want them to wake up, but they usually do around now and of course they would end up sleeping through (or wake up shortly after I end up falling to sleep) on a night when I can't get to sleep.

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My baby is sleeping and I am not WHAT IS UP WITH THIS SHIT

a ball pit, but instead of balls it's pea gravel

not to brag but I'm now the proud owner of 3 tons of pea gravel

I would like to clarify that I had no objections to a seed catalog, but he snuck it into the cart at whole foods while my mom was buying us groceries and then he spent the entire evening reading it aloud to us.

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