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How many days of Alex working from home will it take before I start acting like he is not here?

Breaking News: Every day is Friday the 13th now

I couldn’t sleep so I went to stop and shop at 6am and it was very very weird

my dad said this to me regarding copy I was writing for an email we're sending out, but this applies to most things I read on here.

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I laughed when I read this but at the same time I was trying to figure out if it was funny or not

selfie with Henri, ec x2 

my baby took a 5 minute nap and I am on the phone with insurance and none of this is fun

I was supposed to meet a real life mom to go on a real life walk but our real life babies fell asleep and ruined our real life plans.

My work here is not done. This little person still is very needy.

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Henri is basically an adult now. My work here is done.

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I’m unpacking my weaving supplies and I found a ziplock bag with the message “special hairs” written on it.

For the last two months, @alex has been running on a modified version of Mastodon, Hometown ( that allows for local-only posts that can only be seen by users of the instance, plus some other neat features not in regular Mastodon.

I'm considering switching to the same platform, but it would require 4-5 hours of downtime this weekend as we set up a server and move away from mastohost.

What are your thoughts on this? What questions do you have?

we have moved on to the laugh crying portion of the day folks, get yourselves ready

pretty sure my baby just screamed helppppppp while I was going in to give them a smooch

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