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Watch out world the postpartum hair loss has begun

It's almost noon and we're in the same outfits we started the day in!!!

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My father is in town and he took the baby and walked out of the room and I don't know where they went but I can't hear them so its probably cool.

I do not care what happens after outfit change #5 we are staying in these clothes

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We are both on our third outfit change of the day due to baby playing fast and loose with the bodily functions today.

At my endocrinologist appointment yesterday they asked how breastfeeding was going and my response was to do a Vanna White style gesture at Henri’s belly, which was hanging out of their shirt.

3am to 5am is my least favorite time of day.

I took the baby out on my own today for the first time and we both survived everyone please congratulate me thank you

This was the second night this week that I had a dream that my left arm was made of lead.

It was also the second morning this week that I woke up with Alex’s entire upper body laying on my left arm.

Another week of saying “I’ll go to that bring your baby yoga class next week”

I'm going to deduct a few points for Christmas songs after Christmas, but all around great performance.

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Now he's in the rocker and has moved onto "rock around the Henri" and "you can get a sentimental feeling with baby"

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I am in enjoying hearing Alex sing "deck the halls with baby Henri" while changing a diaper in the other room


I am also trying to work up the courage to go to a bring your baby yoga class tomorrow. I spent most of my pregnancy trying to work up the courage to go to a prenatal yoga class and that never happened.

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I did a ride on our Peloton for the first time in a year today, if you don’t count the frantic 10min ride I secretly did while sobbing and trying to induce labor in October.

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