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Okay so I had two clams to submit and BOTH TIMES I got an error message on the first try. Coincidence? I think not.

Clam for lactation consultant services.

Attached is the clam.

Do you need anything else to process this clam?

the number of times I've typed "clam" instead of "claim" while submitting a claim to insurance is upsetting.

The last pair of socks I knit were started sometime in 2016 and are not finished. I have no idea where they are.

When I knit socks in 2014 it took me 3 months, but I was working at a yarn shop where knitting at work was required and was single with no real responsibilities other than the last semester of my BFA.

I may even start a second pair of socks because I’m on an over ambitious roll so I might push the timeline for completion out to 2035.

I started knitting a pair of socks last night and I expect them to be completed around 2030.

Pretty much everything I did this year was unplanned and a lot of it sucked real hard but I grew a real sweet baby and that is pretty incredible. He was mostly a surprise, but he is the perfect addition to this party.

In 2020 I hope to do half as much as I did in 2019.

If anyone is keeping track you can add knitting a pair of socks to the list of dumb things I tried to do with a newborn.

I could sleep or I could watch him sleep or I could watch Alex sleep. So many choices!!!

The small being needed me and is now happily grunting out some toots in their bassinet. I have roughly 3 hours until we do it all over again.

Hello I’m Mom, the one who wakes up at 3:30am after 5 hours of sleep and sits in the dark until a small being needs them.

My mom is holding the baby again quick what chore can I pretend to???

Logical solution to this problem was to rearrange the furniture in the bedroom.

This is a key part of my folding process. It cannot be skipped or the clothes will rebel.

The baby fell asleep in my moms arms. She thinks I went to do laundry but I’m really just sitting on my bed staring at the laundry.

Clean sheets on the bed is one of my absolute favorite feelings.

I gave the baby a bath by myself tonight and he only kinda peed on me a little.

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