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Trying to hide my “that’s a contraction” face because every time it happens Alex just stares at me wide eyed nodding his head vigorously.

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Early labor is so much fun you guys. Might do this forever.

Pretty sure you can jinx anything if you put your mind to it.

Alex says you can’t jinx labor by posting about it on the internet but I don’t fully believe him.

The amount of potential clients that think I’m actually going to physically go to their office, in the year 2019, to demo a SaaS product is insane.

Good morning everyone. I’m still full of baby.

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My father in law just texted me a photo of the cake case at Whole Foods asking which one looked good and if I wanted them to write “Happy Birthday” on it.

The sensible thing is to do this everyday until it does work, right?

I made my mom and Alex sing happy birthday to my belly and then my slice just happened to be the one with the word “birth” on it so this better work.

Still full of baby. About to be full of cake.

I chickened out on the candle but I did get them to write “Happy Birthday” on it.

If I buy a cake (with sprinkles) at the store today and get them to write “happy birthday” on it and also buy a 0 candle and light it and make everyone I know sing happy birthday do you think that will convince the baby to come out?

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