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Looking at cute baby clothes online thinking "wow I wish this came in my size" only to see that it DOES come in my size but is the opposite of cute when scaled up.

Tomorrow is also Sweetest Day but who gives a fuck about that?

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Tomorrow is my due date, which means we will officially have an outside baby at some point in the next 14 days.

food, cooking 

overwhelming urge to make quiche on a large scale

Dill is having a sleepover party with his dog cousins and I really miss that little guy.

pregnancy, body feelings 

I can't tell if the feelings in my body are from bouncing on a large exercise ball for 10 hours yesterday, being almost 40 weeks pregnant, or from eating a large amount of cake.

I have a feeling that the baby will arrive on the 21st of October. It's just a thing that I feel.

I keep forgetting that I can't talk to the baby with my mind.

What am I up to?

Oh, you know, just renewing my toilet paper subscription.

It is my life work to get people to stop using the term "blast" and "blasting" when it comes to sending emails.

@Pixley you were in my dream the other night. You had a password to watch an exclusive St. Louis Cardinals game tattooed on your arm. Everyone was very excited about this.

The best part of marrying a Canadian is that I now get two Thanksgivings.

The worst part is that they get all offended when I call American Thanksgiving "Regular Thanksgiving".

My dad is trying to tell me that the secret to doing an Ironman is figuring out the timing and pacing yourself.

I mean, that sounds like a good idea and I'm not at all saying it does not help, but I am pretty sure it is a little more complicated than just pacing yourself.

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