@bogperson420 if you wanna fast track that wear slippy socks on a slippy floor but you may trade being able to walk for being able to do the splits I am speaking from experience

@jacethechicken When we used to do it we would start it right when we woke up so that it would be ready for the next morning. If we did it at night, then it would always be cut short.

@jacethechicken I was going to say the downside to my 'forget about it!' method is that you don't get to drink the coffee.

@jacethechicken It's easy if you forget about it completely. Then you can do 48 or 72 hours no problem.

Everyday now simultaneously feels like both Monday and Friday.

My very cute baby looks like me and I am going to cry about it

@triz I'm so glad you got that amazing machine up and running! Now you can sew everything!

@triz I really love sewing machines and sewing and people using sewing machines. I hope it helps!!!

I am very passionate about yarn based activities.

@triz okay Alex told me to buy it and will send it to you and you will sew into the night with the trusty machine by your side

@triz I found a digital copy of the manual on Etsy for $6.50

@triz I am not giving up just yet. Can you send a photo of the top, left side, and a close up of needle area? I think I can draw a diagram.

@triz That is such an amazing machine. I know how to thread it. I don’t know if I know how to tell you how to thread it.

@triz okay I was not expecting a machine like this when you casually threw out the sewing machine in the corner. THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!

@triz great! there are usually pretty good videos online for how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, adjust the stitch, etc if you search the model number that might start you in the right direction.

@triz I have a degree in fucking around with sewing machines if you need help!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I hate email.

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