@JohnBrownJr who knew remotes needed socks. I predict it will be he hot new thing of 2021.

I’m entertaining my child by putting a tiny sock on the remote while. They squeal with joy for 5 seconds before screaming “all done” and crying. Do they like it? Do they hate it? Who’s to say.

mom, moving, and motherhood 

My mom moves in with us today while she looks for a home out here. I haven’t seen her since early January, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing her in my entire life. It’s been weird and I’ve missed her a lot, but I also feel like it gave me space to really become a mom myself. We got a room all set up for her and she’ll isolate in there until her test on Saturday. I have so many emotions but mostly I just can’t wait to hug my mom.


gonna make a million pie crusts tonight

It's great. It's fine. I definitely wasn't trying to get anything done today. nope.

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My therapist and I named the place I often want to escape to as 'The Vault'. I used to imagine it as a bomb shelter/isolation tank kind of thing, but in the last few months it has involved into more of a Patrick from SpongeBobs house situation and I don't know how to feel about that.

In the words of Henri "duh do dee duh ubaaaaaaa ALL DONE pfttttttttttt ugh"

I love the weekend, where I do almost the exact same things I do all week in the exact same place at the exact same times

Watching my husband spread things with spoons brings me great sadness

important food poll because #MyWife thinks I’m wrong and has asked me to poll my “internet friends” 

@Thomas @alex Alex uses a spoon, like a monster

important food poll because #MyWife thinks I’m wrong and has asked me to poll my “internet friends” 

@Thomas @alex what about mustard

@alex @Thomas to be fair, i have a lot of criticisms about the way Alex handles his pbj

On tonights episode of This American Wife...

@ponfarr I used to work in a yarn shop and I aways hated ringing up newish knitters making their first large project or oblivious significant others. There was one person who decided to just get half the yarn needed for their sweater and said they would "make it work".

Not sure what you're looking for but I think Jagger Spun had a student discount.

“You’d think chimney people would be into the devil!” he yelled, as he carried a small child up the stairs.

my child might possibility have the most teeth of any human in the world

I am that friend you text photos of the wad of hair that comes out in the shower to at 9pm on a Thursday night.

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