turns out the really cool looking inclosed kids playhouse I saw is actually a chicken coop

Braved the garden this morning and saw the turkey in the neighbors yard. Their dog ran out, spooked him, and he flew OVER THE GARAGE AND HOUSE and into a tree.

@deneb Last night we saw two deer approach the turkey. We think it’s injured because they are normally don’t hang around in yards for multiple days with people around.

one of my favorite things is going out to the garden early in the morning and looking at the sprouts in silence but there is a large turkey in the yard

Nothing says Monday like stomping out of your moms room while yelling “well I’m just a big fucking dummy then!”

@ryan welcome to the 5:30am is sleeping in club. we're sorry you're here.

Henri would be really, really good at mopping floors if mopping floors only involved the wetting and wringing of the mop and not actually anything to do with the floor.

My child was trying to fill up a syringe from a bottle of infant Motrin with their baby hair gel this morning.

Happy birthday to my favorite husband named Alex!

sitting in the car alone feels luxurious, says local mom

@sexybenfranklin that would only hinder the naturally absorbent properties of a toddler

I'm gonna mop the kitchen floor with a toddler wish me luck

For the first time in five months I heard our alarm go off while still in bed. I wasn't asleep, and Henri wasn't either, but it still feels like something.

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