The baby tracking app we use offers up the weirdest advice. Yesterday it was reminding me I could put my hair in a ponytail and today it’s telling me to make a large batch of meatballs for snacks.

@rigatonimonster putting it on is easy, taking it off is like torture

I spent the short time I had without the baby doing work instead of taking a shower (it's been a while...) or working out (it's been even longer...) or taking a nap (haha a what?) or doing literally anything enjoyable.

things like type on my computer with both hands or pee when my body tells me I should

I love my baby but I also love being able to do (basically) whatever I want whenever I want.

@Quixote171 Say I choose the wet khaki option. In this situation would I change into different pants to commute home or would I wear my wet pants on the subway?

@Quixote171 does this mean swimsuit bottoms would be business casual or are we talking wet khakis?

book recommendation, long, sorry 

I am simply asking my husband to read my mind because I can't remember the name of the type of blinds I am thinking of and don't have the words to describe what they look like.

book recommendation, long, sorry 

book recommendation, long, sorry 

@deneb @Quixote171 definitely read that as steel wool and v8 which would be pretty amazing

the recommended section based on my past kindle purchases is suggesting a book about whole 30 or war and peace...

@byttyrs I typically gravitate towards memoirs, but I'm open to all formats. Ideal something thats easy to get into since my brain was taken by a small human recently and with a lighter or more positive theme cause this lady gets anxious enough as is.

and I wonder why my baby is covered in crumbs all the time...

@deneb I have the top! It’s super comfy. Somewhere I have a picture of us matching, but their legs just blend into my shirt 😂

@deneb They are! I have a top that matches them too! They are from Lilla Barn.

@lawremipsum @alex the cries that come from the controller are upsetting

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