@ponfarr Her sister, Leah Kunkel, is pretty great too!

Yes I do want to know about chin twitching superstitions thank you google

Hi. Today I set up a recurring donation with the Birth Justice Fund. The Birth Justice Fund works to eliminate disparities in pregnancy and birth outcomes experienced by women of color, low-income women, young women and transgender people.

We need to provide better support for moms and babies, as well as better resources for those who care for them. Maybe you want to support moms too?


@deneb a cat in a cap and gown in a highchair would be a pretty great graduation surprise.

@deneb why wait? she seems like the kind that would get a kick out of that.

I’m taking it to the next level of New England Mom by fertilizing my vegetable garden while wearing Birkenstock’s with grippy hospital socks.

@raye Thank you! I had been trying to find that earlier with no success.

@ponfarr There are so many options! and they are all so pretty. Getting one rose bush has somehow turned into turning the entire back yard into a rose garden.

do I need another living thing with sharp bits to care for?

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