On second thought that might not qualify as fantasy. It might just be lying???

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I limit the amount of fantasy hank is exposed to since their brain is still working on learning and understanding so much of the weird shit that is actually real, but I will 100% act like everyone decorating, celebrating, and dressing up for halloween are just people celebrating their birthday.

attend/sponsor/present at three conferences that all overlap on the same two days in october? sure! what could go wrong?

Additionally no one is allowed to tell my child that little cartoon ghosts are not baby seals.

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No one is allowed to tell my child that raisins are not chocolate chips.

@ponfarr I don't understand why someone would purchase something like that with a plan

I just want to do things with yarn all day, I do not want to pretend to know how to do marketing or sales

cleaning up my inbox by marking all as read every 1-2 years.

Instead of catching up on work like I really need to do, I scrubbed the front and back porch and put two coats of teak oil on the glider and chair that live out there.

Hank and I baked together this afternoon I was informed that every dry ingredient I used was dirt. Flour? dirt. Sugar? dirt. Salt? dirt. Baking soda? dirt. Cocoa powder? dirt. Cinnamon? dirt.

@ryan ours goes a little something like this...

[sirens in the distance]
toddler: firetruck?
me: yes
toddler: [excitedly] lights on?
me: probably
toddler: [excitedly] lights flash?
me: probably
toddler: [excitedly] drive wheel?
me: probably
toddler: [excitedly] big fire truck?
me: probably
toddler: [excitedly] firetruck?
me: ...
toddler: firetruck ON.

1min later

toddler: [excitedly] firetruck? heard truck. bigggg truck. okay, yes firetruck.

@deneb I told myself I had to finish a few of the ones I have before I could get any more, which is very unlike me. I used the 10in blank kraft paper moleskine notebooks for every class I took in collage and they are my absolute favorite. A million time abetter that this dumb legal pad.

I am on the final page of a note pad that I have had sitting around for at least 10 years

sometimes I have to use all of my strength to keep myself from replying to my dad or in-laws texts about an amazing meal out or an adventure they are on with a photo like the diaper trash.

@deneb I'm sure we'll do something! Right now our only plans are to make them a second birthday crown that will immediately get pulled off and have a chocolate cake with sprinkles because they ask for both of those things no less than 45 times a day. Once they can tell me more about what they want and they actually have friends to invite, I'm sure I'll go all out.

@deneb Thats what I did! I had clothes to bring them home in, but when they took Henri to the nursery they returned them in a wrap shirt that was way too big and the nurse made a snarky comment about how they were naked and that's all they had. I always assumed that people made a big deal about the going home outfit since it (with my naked baby approach) was also the first clothing they ever wore.

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