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@alex @sexybenfranklin @selfsame we keep all the pieces in a jar on display in our kitchen though

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you're email, but butter

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@InternetEh I cook my pasta in a smaller pot starting in cold water. It takes about 10-15 min on high heat to cook and then I dump the pasta in the pan I’m gonna bake it in and use the same pot to make the cheese sauce for minimal dishes.

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@InternetEh I’ve done it where you cook the lady’s in milk (no straining) and then made it into a cheese sauce. It was stove top only and it was just okay. I think part of the issue is that you want some of that pasta starch to wash off in the water otherwise the final product is too dense/pasty. It works in a lasagna since it has less noodles and it’s goal is to be a sliceable dish. My ideal mac and cheese is a more scoopable consistency even if it’s baked.

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@InternetEh Oh Sid. I’m so so sorry.

My child is crying because I told them that trucks (even monster trucks with fake mouthes and eyes) are not alive.

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A tiny fish has taken up residence and won’t stop screaming “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhahhguahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrhhhhhhhgahhhhhhhh” and I would like it to stop.

My child is shouting “It’s doughways what you wanted!” while I shape sourdough bagels

My child is asleep at 5:30pm and this is either incredibly good or incredibly bad

@danaross I still have light up ghosts in my yard! Mostly because I forgot they were there until I saw your post…

@abbie @lily_o_valley While has been around for about three and a half years, it’s been pretty small and quiet. My partner runs (and handles all the tech stuff for us) which a few months older and much bigger.

@abbie @lily_o_valley The way mastodon works, stuff like hashtags depend on what other mastodon servers/instances people on have interacted with before. As more people sign up and more people use it, stuff will start to appear.

Welcome to Henri’s “online lime service” please don’t ask about our lemon

@Thomas We had applesauce pouches (among other things) and almost every kid that came by took one! Kids just love apples it seems.

@orko @alex if you don’t mind folding things, flats and a few covers are good low cost way to start. Flats can be folded to fit a wide range of ages and can be used for other things like a burp cloth, rag, etc. We use our old (well cleaned) ones as our kitchen towels now. I switched from flats to fitteds at 10 months because they were getting really squirmy during changes.

@orko Cloth is great! Would defiantly do it again. There are so many options available it can be a little overwhelming though.

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