Just spending some quality time on hold with American Airlines because spelled my own last name wrong when booking flights.

@brogepi It's like a baby shower but for people who already have one or more kids. Typically more casual and without gifts.

@alex who knew harnessing your energy safely only gets ya 2 likes from people that aren't you.

@Pixley @rubah The wood makes a wonderful natural dye if any branches come down.

I'm going to share a tortilla chip with my dog.

baby, gross text 

Important question: Can tissues go into the recycling if they are only used to absorb tears?

@lawremipsum Hi me too I will probably cry about that now thank you and have a great day

@Aleums it's like a chopped salad of feelings over here!

I could blame this on being 8 months pregnant but this totally happened before a baby took up residence in my body too.

Today I am crying about very dumb things like having my desk set up again with two monitors and how much one of my plants grew and how happy my dog looks when he naps in the sun and how much I miss my mom and I might also be crying about the fact that I am crying.

@lawremipsum @alex I unfortunately have to work from bed, while the dog naps next to me.

I know it's only 11:35am eastern time, but I think I'm going to go back to bed.

@sexybenfranklin @LuigiEsq If I said "I want pie!" and someone handed me a whoopie pie, I'd be sad. If I said "I want a cake and frosting sandwich!" and someone handed me a whoopie pie, I'd be happy.

@LuigiEsq we settled on pumpkin whoopee pies, which are the most disappointing kind of pie there is.

I was feeling great about cloth diapers until I got them prepped and put away and now I’m tempted to close this drawer and pretend like nothing is in there.

@LuigiEsq I shed a tear at whole foods yesterday when they had did not have pumpkin pie.

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