@alex @sexybenfranklin @LuigiEsq the risk of fruit sitting in its (or its friends) juices and becoming overly wet is just too high with fruit salad unless that fruit salad is made to order which is asking a lot of a fruit salad

@deneb I would like to offer both my congratulations and condolences. I cannot imagine the mix of emotions that all is bringing up!

My sweet almost not a baby anymore looked up at me after I asked them a question and uttered the words every parent loves to hear...

“Uh DUH”

@anaulin there are so many things email marketers would do differently if email clients didn’t have the rendering the issues that they do. If they could give you a real live countdown timer with your name on it in your favorite color that (which you definitely didn’t tell them) they would.

@firewally oil is the worst! thankfully this was lime paint so it was easy to wash off my legs, clothes, floor, wall, trim, and ladder.

Yesterday I dumped an entire bucket of paint on myself.

Getting ready for my date with Big Wally's Plaster Magic and a battery powered caulk gun

NYT recipe comment, food 

@redoak turns out if you’re pretty you can do anything

@Pixley @alex I started reading it out loud because who turns this into a meatloaf but then it took a surprising twist that we all get to enjoy now

The only thing good about a crying baby at 11pm, 3am, and 5am is that there is a good chance they will want to snuggle instead of pulling out my hair and inspecting my teeth.

yarn/weaving, mh- 

“It’s mostly showing off yarn and other fibers and a group that believes you when you say you will use it. You don’t ask what you got done today. You ask to see that stash again.”

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yarn/weaving, mh- 

My mother has suggested I join a support group for depressed weavers

Should I teach my baby how to play fetch?

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