For the last two months, @alex has been running on a modified version of Mastodon, Hometown ( that allows for local-only posts that can only be seen by users of the instance, plus some other neat features not in regular Mastodon.

I'm considering switching to the same platform, but it would require 4-5 hours of downtime this weekend as we set up a server and move away from mastohost.

What are your thoughts on this? What questions do you have?

@sydney @alex Do you two like Mastohost? Is the lack of Hometown the only reason for moving away?

@touk @sydney mastohost has been great, from uptime to maintaining updates (and even help with migrating away from them), but yes, for scale reasons they're committed to only doing regular mastodon and regular mastodon doesn't appear interested in small private communities

@alex @sydney Disappointing 😕 I wanted to start a Hometown for friends and Mastohost seemed like the easy solution.

@sydney @alex Sure, no problem. There have definitely been things that I’ve wanted to post two instance only. I’m also interested in being able to search posts.

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