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🤖 Follow @mombot for administrative updates, domain blocks, and new emoji announcements on this instance.

mombot is operated by dadmin @alex, with my guidance, because this admom reached her cap for learning new things this week.

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😎 is an instance for moms. Moms can be any or no gender. The path which they became a mom doesn’t matter here, but they have to have, had, or be expecting at least one human child.

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only.

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval!

Henri keeps calling my mom their brother for some reason

The energy my sick toddler is bringing to this morning is just too much.

Remember when vacations meant doing whatever you wanted instead of doing things like riding a narrow gauge train and spending money on toy sports cars?

day dreaming about being the kind of person who "doesn't care" and "let's things go"

Hank asked me "how did you grow up?" the other day and I said "I went to sleep and woke up over and over again and I ended up here with you"

Earlier this evening Henri walked into the room and loudly announced “I am the master of play”

Hank was spraying me with their electric hose (power cord to the blender) full of “hot germ water” to keep me safe because I wasn’t wearing my apron while I cooked breakfast.

I would almost certainly never leave the house for anything other than the grocery store or garden center if it weren't for @alex

work +/- 

I have been working pretty much non stop for the last week after an awful situation drove a lot of potential clients our way. I finally feel like I am making real progress though. There is still so much to do but I’ve closed 12 deals since Friday and my plan for expedited onboarding is actually working.

While cleaning up from dinner I heard hank yell at my mom “you are a sewage person!”

Important announcement from Hank: Cow milk is from…yarn????

Who needs sleep when you can stay up late painting underwear!?

Picture Picture from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is the original Frame TV.

Help I just offered to put on “construction music” and I have no idea what that even is

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