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🤖 Follow @mombot for administrative updates, domain blocks, and new emoji announcements on this instance.

mombot is operated by dadmin @alex, with my guidance, because this admom reached her cap for learning new things this week.

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😎 is an instance for moms. Moms can be any or no gender. The path which they became a mom doesn’t matter here, but they have to have, had, or be expecting at least one human child.

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only.

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval!

Henri about popsicle molds: “We didn’t order them, we just got them. We got them…the day you were born.”

my copy writing skills have unfortunately been highly influenced by only reading children's books, reddit comments, and posts here for the last three years.

I even thought "wow, this is some really dry, flavorless coconut. maybe I should store it in a different container?"

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don't be like me and mistake panko breadcrumbs and shredded coconut when making granola

no one wants to explain the weird shit they do online to mom, I get it.

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can't say I'm surprised that no one gave the mom in their life the gift of a cooler.moms account for mothers day

Happy tell a mom who is cooler than you that they should join day!

alex isn't going gray, I paint individual strands of his hair with a silver sharpie every night while he's sleeping

visualizing myself melting into a puddle of goo

it looks like my child takes after me with the whole "if you ask if I'm okay too many times I will cry regardless of if I am actually okay or not" thing

Wow I’m so disappointed this did not take off overnight.

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brilliant food idea 

Fondue, but it’s melted butter instead of cheese.

I have never seen my child more afraid than when they see a vehicle with a mouth.

why is it so hard to find truck underwear???

If I had a barn I would buy every reasonably priced loom I came across.

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