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🤖 Follow @mombot for administrative updates, domain blocks, and new emoji announcements on this instance.

mombot is operated by dadmin @alex, with my guidance, because this admom reached her cap for learning new things this week.

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😎 is an instance for moms. Moms can be any or no gender. The path which they became a mom doesn’t matter here, but they have to have, had, or be expecting at least one human child.

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only.

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval!

On second thought that might not qualify as fantasy. It might just be lying???

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I limit the amount of fantasy hank is exposed to since their brain is still working on learning and understanding so much of the weird shit that is actually real, but I will 100% act like everyone decorating, celebrating, and dressing up for halloween are just people celebrating their birthday.

attend/sponsor/present at three conferences that all overlap on the same two days in october? sure! what could go wrong?

Additionally no one is allowed to tell my child that little cartoon ghosts are not baby seals.

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No one is allowed to tell my child that raisins are not chocolate chips.

I just want to do things with yarn all day, I do not want to pretend to know how to do marketing or sales

cleaning up my inbox by marking all as read every 1-2 years.

Instead of catching up on work like I really need to do, I scrubbed the front and back porch and put two coats of teak oil on the glider and chair that live out there.

Hank and I baked together this afternoon I was informed that every dry ingredient I used was dirt. Flour? dirt. Sugar? dirt. Salt? dirt. Baking soda? dirt. Cocoa powder? dirt. Cinnamon? dirt.

I am on the final page of a note pad that I have had sitting around for at least 10 years

sometimes I have to use all of my strength to keep myself from replying to my dad or in-laws texts about an amazing meal out or an adventure they are on with a photo like the diaper trash.

I am still not sure what the rules or etiquette around this is, but I keep seeing photos of newborns wearing clothes in the hospital and wondering if I missed some memo?

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I regularly think about how I did not understand that I was supposed (or even allowed to) put clothes on my freshly born child during the few days we were in the hospital.

30 lbs of peaches and 3lbs of raspberries turned into…13 half pints of spiced peach jam, 6 half pints of whiskey ginger peach jam, 6 half pints peach raspberry jam, 6 half pints raspberry jam, 6 pints peach ice cream topping, along side 8 or so pints of peach butter that’s still in the making.

I talked about it with Henri more when we got home and explained how we use gentle hands with each other and we don't touch other people without their permission. That it's okay to tell someone that you don't like the way that they are touching you. How sometimes it's hard for little kids to remember this and that they are still learning too.

I feel like we've reached a point in parenting where things get a lot bigger very fast.

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Another little kid ran over to Henri and hit them? smacked them bonked them? poked them? Made contact of some kind. Henri was not phased and I didn't see what happened, from where I was it just looked like the kid walked past them. The kids parent apologized and made their child come back to apologize to Henri too. While I appreciate that the parent was aware of the situation and trying to teach better behavior, it was so clear that the little did had no idea what they were saying sorry for.

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My kid is the one at the playground with their head through the equipment yelling “mom kiss???”

Hank just walked over to me eating breakfast, surveyed my plate, grabbed the spoon of peanut butter, shoved it in his mouth, and walked off.

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