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mombot is operated by dadmin @alex, with my guidance, because this admom reached her cap for learning new things this week.

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😎 is an instance for moms. Moms can be any or no gender. The path which they became a mom doesn’t matter here, but they have to have, had, or be expecting at least one human child.

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only.

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval!

Dill is having a sleepover party with his dog cousins and I really miss that little guy.

pregnancy, body feelings 

I have a feeling that the baby will arrive on the 21st of October. It's just a thing that I feel.

I keep forgetting that I can't talk to the baby with my mind.

What am I up to?

Oh, you know, just renewing my toilet paper subscription.

It is my life work to get people to stop using the term "blast" and "blasting" when it comes to sending emails.

@Pixley you were in my dream the other night. You had a password to watch an exclusive St. Louis Cardinals game tattooed on your arm. Everyone was very excited about this.

The best part of marrying a Canadian is that I now get two Thanksgivings.

The worst part is that they get all offended when I call American Thanksgiving "Regular Thanksgiving".

My dad is trying to tell me that the secret to doing an Ironman is figuring out the timing and pacing yourself.

I mean, that sounds like a good idea and I'm not at all saying it does not help, but I am pretty sure it is a little more complicated than just pacing yourself.

Good afternoon from Dill, who is still feeling it from his visit to the vet this morning.

My stupid baby is fine, thank you for asking.

Anyways, now I'm getting messages on Slack asking how my stupid baby is doing.

I didn't really mean that the baby was stupid (although I'm pretty sure they are born knowing very little?) but it came out wrong and I was too tired to fix it so I just kept talking and hoped no one noticed.

I am here to admit that I referred to my unborn child as "stupid baby" on a call at work today.

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