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mombot is operated by dadmin @alex, with my guidance, because this admom reached her cap for learning new things this week.

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😎 is an instance for moms. Moms can be any or no gender. The path which they became a mom doesn’t matter here, but they have to have, had, or be expecting at least one human child.

Registrations on are application-or-invite-only.

DM me or use the application on the landing page; I will get back to you quickly. Referrals from existing users go a long way towards approval!

I decided to wear the baby for the first time and I love it.

How many times per night do I confuse the buckwheat pillow I hug while sleeping with the baby?

Actually it means discussing nipples with anyone who wants to.

Having a baby means discussing nipple shapes at the dinner table with your in-laws is normal now.

I’m not being dramatic 


“That’s not an acceptable way to treat a ficus, Sydney.”

Trying to get a little bit of sleep and my brain goes off and has dreams about my extended family being upset that I’m neglecting my house plants, arguing that they are people too.

I did it! Baby is a (probably not) haunted cutie and all is well.

Look how cute we were 12 hours ago before I turned into a hospital goblin





I don’t want a Halloween baby what if it’s haunted

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