New domain suspensions 

New domain suspension 

Imported the emoji suite because gender roles are 🗑️

:bbq: bbq
:catch: catch
:lowly: lowly
:maitai: maitai
:mower: mower
:tiki: tiki

:fly_ace: fly_ace
:fly_aro: fly_aro
:fly_bi: fly_bi
:fly_gq: fly_gq
:fly_ia: fly_ia
:fly_inter: fly_inter
:fly_les: fly_les
:fly_pan: fly_pan
:fly_pride: fly_pride
:fly_trans: fly_trans
:fly_trans2: fly_trans2

(h/t to @Sorreltyree)

New domain suspension 

:blobcathissing: blobcathissing
:blobcatknife: blobcatknife
:blobcatreach: blobcatreach
:blobconfused: blobconfused
:blobfearful: blobfearful
:blobheart: blobheart
:blobhearteyes: blobhearteyes
:blobmelt: blobmelt
:blobmiou: blobmiou
:blobpensive: blobpensive
:blobuwu: blobuwu
:blobwoah: blobwoah

New domain suspension 

:flag_trans: flag_trans
:flag_rainbow: flag_rainbow
:flag_nb: flag_nb
:flag_bi: flag_bi

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Instance Domain Blocks 

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