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I have taken to wearing and headscarves lately. I may look a bit silly but my head is warm! 😆 this one is from a Muslim turban company.

One of the reasons I am still at home full time after my kids have left education is that I live with chronic illness and fatigue, specifically, (M.E.) and amongst other things.
I can potter around for c.10 minutes at a time with perhaps half an hour to an hour rest required in between. It's a bit tricky to manage.
My To-Do list is the bare minimum - run the dishes & pans (thanks be to the Dishwasher!), & laundry.

I seem to be about 5 hours behind today.
I don't know what happened to my morning!

My two eldest children are . Sorry I missed . I thought it was today. Love you x


Traditional Saffron Cake from . I haven't made one of these yet but I might try it at the weekend.

if you have children* and are interested in moving to/creating an alt on a trans-inclusive, chill, and respectful #hometown instance (that’s a fork of mastodon with local-only posting and a few other choice customizations), check out or! Three years running, active moderation, pleasant people. Feel free to DM or @ me. Boosts welcome.

:lowly: :joecheers: :mowy: :cribbage:

*pets are not children

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I think I accidentally boosted a toot I was trying to reply to 😕

Hi. Today I set up a recurring donation with the Birth Justice Fund. The Birth Justice Fund works to eliminate disparities in pregnancy and birth outcomes experienced by women of color, low-income women, young women and transgender people.

We need to provide better support for moms and babies, as well as better resources for those who care for them. Maybe you want to support moms too?

My kids make most of their own food now but if I cook I have to veganise recipes as my youngest son is a . I'd be interested in easy, simple !

I noticed @deneb posts pictures with a cw so the pics are hidden unless you click to see. Is that something I should do?

Does anybody here ?
We home educated from 1999 to 2018
I'd be happy to talk about it.

Good morning!
We have blue sky again today in Cornwall :)

I'll say this now, and maybe pin it because I consider it of vital importance. The main reason I have left my previous instance is homophobia/transphobia. I won't tolerate it. Your right to free speech ends at my ears/ eyes. Same applies to racism & sexism & any bigotry.

We've found an old dvd of a school musical play of Oliver where my eldest kid starred. (You were amazing @snailerotica )

I don't bake often (due to issues with chronic ill health) but if I'm able I try to make bread on Friday if only in the form of savoury scones (biscuits). I like cheese ones best but you can experiment with different flavours and added ingredients.

We have just had / in the UK. The traditional cake is a 'Simnel Cake'. This is something my grandma used to make. I didn't make one this year but the tradition has moved to Easter a bit so I might make one later.

Thank you for having me here!
I've been on Mastodon for a while, but wanted to find an instance that suited me. (I was mocked yesterday on another instance for wanting to share recipes).
My children are grown, and I have many interests but I am still very home based and my life revolves around my family. is a Mastodon instance for moms!