New profile pic is via an Amish group on fb. Girl with a bonnet holding a chicken. Artist unknown.

I really want to make bread on a Friday. I'm wondering about starting the process off on a Thursday evening so it's less work on the Friday. The method recommended in this book: Artisinal Breads in 5 Minutes a Day.

New profile pic is T'Pring from Strange New Worlds (at least I think it is!?).

I have taken to wearing and headscarves lately. I may look a bit silly but my head is warm! 😆 this one is from a Muslim turban company.

My two eldest children are . Sorry I missed . I thought it was today. Love you x


Traditional Saffron Cake from . I haven't made one of these yet but I might try it at the weekend.

I don't bake often (due to issues with chronic ill health) but if I'm able I try to make bread on Friday if only in the form of savoury scones (biscuits). I like cheese ones best but you can experiment with different flavours and added ingredients.

We have just had / in the UK. The traditional cake is a 'Simnel Cake'. This is something my grandma used to make. I didn't make one this year but the tradition has moved to Easter a bit so I might make one later. is a Mastodon instance for moms!