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Thank you for having me here!
I've been on Mastodon for a while, but wanted to find an instance that suited me. (I was mocked yesterday on another instance for wanting to share recipes).
My children are grown, and I have many interests but I am still very home based and my life revolves around my family.

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I'll say this now, and maybe pin it because I consider it of vital importance. The main reason I have left my previous instance is homophobia/transphobia. I won't tolerate it. Your right to free speech ends at my ears/ eyes. Same applies to racism & sexism & any bigotry.

Your queer friends are not okay right now. Just so you know.

Your Jewish friend are not okay right now. Just so you know.

Your queer Jewish friend are making incredibly dark and inappropriate jokes amongst themselves right now. Just so you know.

#queer #Mazeldon #Jewish

@paul @lirontocker @jewwhohasitall @PaganWhoHasItAll A babka consists of a jumble of twisted, interwoven layers of crumbly cake and gooey filling. The journey of the humble babka (Yiddish for “little grandmother”) from the shtetl to the front page of Instagram has as many twists and turns as the pastry itself. #Babka #babkaPosting #aBabkaStateOfMind

My face! No makeup! 

Another wrap attempt. 😁 This is another one of mum's scarfs.

My top secret formula for having a great relationship with my Mother-in-Law.

1) Adore her son and have long rambling conversations about how smart, handsome, talented, and charming he is.
2) Never complain about your husband to your husband's mother.
3) Don't try to change her.
4) Compliment her generously. Look for what you like, and you'll find it.
And by the way, I adore my mother-in-law.

#family #JewishMother #Mazeldon #Jewniverse #thanksgiving #Holidays #Mother #MarriedLife

Today's scarf 

I forgot to caption the pic. The scarf is purple with multicolored stripes. I think it's a pashmina, so soft, heavy material which makes it all quite big and cosy. The stripes are criss-crossed over on top of and behind the purple.

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I haven't done in a while, so here goes:
1. The heating at mum's is set to Tropical, which is amazing.
2. A nice surprise: I discovered that my mum shared my love of hats and scarfs, and a similar taste in clothes, so I'll inherit a neat collection.
3. Long phone conversation with one of my kids.
Actually lots more to be for, once I start trying to think of things.


Today's scarf 

Looking a bit silly (and I almost definitely won't go outside like this!) but I'm enjoying my happy hat therapy.

This is one of my mum's scarfs so I hope she'd approve. The troublesome zit comes free along with the whole package. Pretend you can't see it! 😬

I watched this very long (over 2 hours) video last night when I couldn't sleep.
Neurologist and other scientific perspectives on the process of grief.
#grief #bereavement

So I checked Birdsite and in fact, although the account that retweeted was @ 'veggieWHAT', it retweeted posts when people used the @vegq hashtag.

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For clarity I should probably say that I am not vegan or even vegetarian. I mostly just eat what I'm given.*

But insofar as I can choose, I am leaning towards high raw, vegetarian/ vegan, for ethical and health reasons.

No judgement please, I am trying.

* I love the idea of cooking and shopping but I'm not currently able to manage those things so I am reliant on my family to feed me. It's not ideal.

I need to start taking my health seriously.
I'm having trouble finding / accounts here so far, so I wonder if @veggiewhat would be useful (on Birdsite it retweeted posts it was tagged in to help with veggie questions.
I hope it works!

I have no idea what I just ate. It was a coconut curry? pot from but I threw the packaging away. Yummy. I recommend. 😁

This place is not just mastodon social and online, and if you all stay there, you're going to end up trying to rebuild twitter, in an even less accountable way. Form communities. Help out. Move instance. Pay your admin team hosting and admin/mod costs. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, and what's happening to twitter is proving that. We were the product, it wasn't for us, it was to use us.

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While I 100% support the postal workers' strike, it is likely to have an impact on small businesses that rely on Royal Mail and don't have dedicated vans for deliveries. As Christmas gets closer, more online shoppers will turn away from independents if they can't guarantee delivery like Amazon can. So if you want to shop indie this Christmas, PLEASE shop early.
(Obvs it would be remiss of me not to plug my cross-stitch kits here, so...)

Grief, dementia 

We have arranged for the student pastor mum liked to conduct her funeral. He is a sweet, kind, gentle guy.

But inwardly I am *fuming* about how profoundly her (evangelical) church let her down over the last 5 years of her #dementia.
When she began to develop incontinence for example, nobody would sit beside her.
The only person who visited was another elderly lady.



I'm very sad to report that my mum passed away early this morning.

nothing stopping us from just calling federation instances "pubs" or "homes" or "neighborhoods" or anything more inviting. particularly to indicate that these are points of entry to a cultural group and that you are picking your moderators. that would be a very good idea.

The next time you feel lazy, remember that laziness is a Puritanical myth based on the sin of idleness

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