past miscarriage, moving 

moving stuff into storage today to stay with my sister the rest of our house hunt (or, worst case scenario, until baby comes and we have to find something else). last time we moved we tried to do it ourselves, but my partner was also pregnant then, and we lost the baby shortly thereafter. this time we hired movers but we're still so nervous (which we know is counterintuitive!) and it's bringing up some grief stuff. any vibes/thoughts/prayers/energy welcome

buying a house *while* expecting a baby is a lot of stress! who knew

some of the specific parenting topics by which i'm interested are child development, homeschooling/unschooling/pedagogy, breaking negative intergenerational cycles, gender open parenting, the role of spirituality in parenting (especially as it pertains to my interfaith household), and multilingual households.

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i made this mostly as a place to post about expecting (especially as one parent of a two nonbinary parent household) and eventually parenting, but i will probably have trouble staying on topic. is a Mastodon instance for moms!