@deneb putting on my nightgown and floppy cap, crawling into the giant pocket, and then blowing out my candle

@robotcarsley I want to crawl in that big pocket right now more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

@deneb trying to imagine a scenario where i go back to someone's place, see this, and it would make me think *less* of them?

@healyn tbh I’d be thrilled!!! Let’s get in that pocket STAT.

@deneb @healyn and while you're in there you find like a huge quarter or a hairband the size of a hula hoop. score!

@deneb according to all those red flag memes it doesn’t matter what’s on the bed as long as the mattress isn’t on the floor

@alex Mattress on the floor with only a flat sheet? Run away!

@deneb every art school student I dated (but not the one I married 😂)

@eject If they aren’t, I don’t want to know!!!

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