@sexybenfranklin She is the worst. I was actually sad that she only did one. She usually takes them all down.

@deneb they have no shame.

Though it's also funny...

@deneb My takeaway here is that Francie has a cool gas stove while I have electric and I am terribly jealous.

@whami But at least you don’t have a jerk cat!

@deneb mine does this exact thing as well, they’ve clearly been conferring

when we had a blind cat living with us she had learned we would hang tea towels on the radiator in the kitchen. She used to pull one off then go to sleep on it.

Eventually we hung the tea towels somewhere else and left her towel on the radiator for when she wanted to snooze.

@scully This time! She usually pulls them all down. I think I must have distracted her.

@deneb this is a favorite activity of my orange cat too :blobcat3c:

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