So that we’re clear, I make my bed every morning. I use a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a bedspread. I also use a lavender linen spray at night because I’m fancy.

@deneb Fitted sheet, doona in doona cover, blanket on top if it's winter.

@pelagikat No top sheet? I looked up doona, but the results were all strollers and car seats. Is it safe to assume it’s what I call a duvet?

@deneb No top sheet. I think doona = duvet, yes. The doona/duvet goes inside a cover which gets washed every two weeks, so an extra sheet isn't necessary.

@pelagikat @deneb that's our way too, although in summer we often have just the single sheet over the bed and no duvet 😅

@deneb Every. Day. (Sans lavender spray.) Keeps the dust out, for starters.

@pronounshe Making one’s bed is a guaranteed return on investment. It’s so important!

Sometimes it's like I don't even know you. I never make my bed. Even after changing the sheets, the bed is somewhat loosely thrown together, but not what anyone would call "made."

I have a fitted sheet and a top sheet. Maybe for a few weeks of winter there is a blanket. But I live in Florida. We usually keep the A/C set at 79, and rarely turn on the heat.

@whami I still adore you, even after learning this.

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