Who amongst you is brave enough to attempt to climb to the summit of Mt. Pancake? Anyone?

@deneb Wow, those are some thick pancakes..

In sweden pancakes with baking powder are known as american pancakes. Seems fitting 🥞

@openess Then these are definitely American pancakes! Lol!

@deneb They look amazing. Hope they tasted as well as they looked 🙂🥞

@deneb The numbers geek in me is deeply worried about there being 3 humans and 14 pancakes.

@whami 2 humans. Joe’s at work. Mwahahaha. Just kidding, we saved him some. He probably won’t eat them all. It’s just so damn fun to make a giant stack of pancakes.

@moshtodon Pancake recipe is from Colleen Patrick-Goudreaux’s The Joy of Vegan Baking.

@marcovdheide Neither, just with butter and maple syrup. Mmm.

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