@deneb Cardinals are magical. We don't have them on the West Coast.

@pronounshe I’ll post more pics then, just for you! They are on my feeder constantly.

@deneb One of the birds that are in my area, but rarely see at the feeder. So handsome.

@scully I knew that you switched accounts, but was pretty sure I was following you on this new account. I just realized that I’m not. Fixing that now.

@scully I am so sorry! I honestly had thought you just weren’t posting much. I would get your replies, but wasn’t seeing any posts. I go through phases where I won’t post a lot, but I’ll just be a reply gal to my pals.

@deneb You have nothing for which to apologize! I ass-u-med it was just an oversight. But I would never ever have asked :)

@scully Complete oversight. And I totally get this. When I switched accounts there was someone who I really adored that didn’t follow me over. It was then that I realized that they either had me muted or on some list that they never looked at. I’m a grown woman, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my feelings a little. And I’ll never ask about it. Oh well.

@deneb he looks like he wants to talk to me about a local punk band

@mood He definitely does!!! Totally going to invite you to a show at the VFW Post in town.

@deneb here's a baby cardinal on my balcony. I had the pleasure of seeing the whole family together recently

@fraggle Aww! So cute! And being such a good bird! 🥰

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