New Don't Threaten Me With a Good Lifetime is out, please enjoy this tale of an extremely circuitous plan to frame a teenager for murder, and a minor detour into the career of a second baseman from the nineties:

Please do not be alarmed that you just got an email with the subject line "AM I A SERIAL KILLER?", that's uh,,,,, that's just me

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@Pixley Wow. That movie had pretty much everything. So the doctor and Annie must have been biding their time until Natalie was old enough to take the rap for their crimes right?? Do you think they intended for Natalie to be blamed the first time? And damn, if time doesn't move weird in all those movies.

@deneb I think they meant for her to take the blame the first time around? Or at least Annie did, I'm not sure if the doctor was around then? There is still so much I don't really understand????

@Pixley That makes sense. Mother of the year right there. Not.

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