I picked up some Pine Sol at the store because Pine Sol smells good.

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At the eye doctor and they have this extremely dated poster on the wall. Tell me this dude isn’t trying to move in for a kiss on this trusting woman.

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COVID-19, death 

Hearing that Nick Cordero died after all he went through is heartbreaking. And I know that many suffered just as much, but I kept up with his story since it was in the news.

Kid is having a video advising appointment in the other room right now so that she can pick her classes for the fall.

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Since working from home my son has complained about me typing too loudly and my wife about me swearing too much. Not sure what people thought computer programming was all about because that's pretty much it.

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Cat superlative: Fluffers is most likely to have a little fright.

A friend of mine is expecting a baby later this month. Her two other kids are in high school. I am happy for but I absolutely cannot fathom having another baby at 44.

Why does this game hate my phone? I haven’t been able to play it in weeks.

I have been an absolute loaf all day. Interestingly, I only feel 5% guilty about it.


We have two cakes in our house currently. Worst part of being a mom is telling kid that they can't eat cake all day.

I have been slayed by that pic of Maahes that I just boosted. Am now a ghost.

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I made two cakes today. The first cake is the sponge cake recipe on the back of the Egg Replacer box. It seems a little rubbery, but I have tried it yet. So I made a second cake from a cake mix.

I hadn’t played Animal Crossing in a while and I didn’t realize how much I missed Hornsby. Apparently he missed me too.

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