This is my favorite line from @Pixley 's newest newsletter "Deadly Hollywood Obsession" which you should all subscribe to:

"Casey and Jack run through the forest, pursued by Sam, who hollers, “you can’t hide out here!” when in fact you absolutely can, a forest is a great place to hide."

Well, here is a new Don't Threaten Me With a Good Lifetime, thank GOD the trailers for this movie gave away the entire plot or I would have had to do extremely bad courtroom-style drawings from memory

@deneb Is there a German word for the existential dread caused by not being even remotely crab-like?

Me, living in a fully carpeted apartment for the past seven years: it’s pretty cool how our cats don’t really shed.

Me, living in a house with hardwood floors after one week: holy hell how do you two have any fur left on your bodies?

Everyone say hi to this hermit thrush singing a cartoon-ass song in my shrubbery

Look who likes her harness and going out on the back deck! Clementine!

I have so many blankets on my bed that it’s having the effect of a weighted blanket. The cats want me to get up but I’m so cozy.

I told myself that when the switch battery was about to die then I have to go outside and get some exercise. Switch battery low. So off I go.

Are you a:

Back in his receptionist box only minutes later, he was obviously embarrassed by his lack of professionalism.


Hmm, I live in a pretty big city now. Maybe one of these chain pizza places actually delivers a vegan pizza. I’m too tired to cook.

I desperately need to reboot my computer as certain applications and graphics are behaving weirdly, but I have way too many windows and things open. Disaster is imminent.

Got the official word yesterday that we’ll remain work from home through June.

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