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He works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
He works hard for the money
So you better treat him right

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I think I would have made a good detective.

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I’ve never written an intro post. I wouldn’t even know what to put in it. Sincere poster. That’s it, that’s the post.

Finally have some downtime after a extremely busy week at work. Downloaded Cozy Grove for the switch. It’s very cute, but I can’t find the bagel to feed the bird and all I want to do is make this bird like me.

Background: I listen to a classical music radio station all day. Today is Giuseppe Tartini’s bday (born 1692). Tartini dreamt “the Devil” borrowed his violin (a Stradivarius violin that Tartini bought from Stradivarius himself, ok wow). Tartini then woke up and wrote down as much as he could, called it The Devil’s Trill Sonata. It’s beautiful. Point of this post is that I *just* heard a violinist play this ON Tartini’s own Stradivarius violin that he wrote it on. How cool is that?!

Cracking up at the "send to friend" option on the Psychology Today therapist directory, like, can you imagine a more passive-aggressive thing to do to a friend

Ever since Clementine broke out of the house that night, she jumps up and hangs from the door knob and turns it multiple times a day. Needless to say, it really tries my nerves to hear this while I’m working upstairs. At least she hasn’t figured out how to use the deadbolt yet.

I know that even when Coronavirus ends I'll still wear a mask on the train/bus/plane because going a year and half without a cold or flu was very nice actually

Joe just text me from his morning run that he thinks he found the cat that’s been missing in our neighborhood. I text him a picture of the lost cat flyer and I’m waiting for an update to see if it’s the kitty!

food +++ 

I love cake, but I’m not a big frosting fan. Which is why I am super excited about this gorgeous Bundt pan I got for my birthday.

Still absolutely blown away that hairy woodpeckers come to birdfeeders here.

tech stuff 

I just did some much needed iPhone, Mac, iPad maintenance and all my contacts are synced. I had iCloud turned off because I had a messy backup situation going on and now it's all fixed. So great.


I haven't eaten eggs in years, but they were the last thing I gave up because they are delicious. I absolutely loved hard boiled eggs, they were my fave. My mom made really good deviled eggs with a touch of Tabasco. Not enough to overwhelm the flavor of the mayo, but enough to be warming. So good.

The best thing I did all last year was hammer some holes in the lid of a pickle jar so that it works both as a shaker and a thing you can easily unscrew and put a measuring spoon in, it is ridiculous how happy this makes me

@whami Super sad face. It's 100% a decreasing pattern. Grrr turnips! *shakes fist*

repost of when i april fools pranked my poor dog lmao 

he's so big, and we got him a cat bed. what a trooper

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