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So I had been sobbing from dysphoria. But I drew myself, as I would be, if I could be. And it helped, a lot, even if it's just a picture I drew. Here's the modest version.

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I'm not new here, but I switched instances recently so I'm doing a new post.

Hi, I'm Sorrel, enby lesbian artist and mom. My web comic called Fairy Play is described in my pinned toot. My posts are a mix of amused commentary about my kid, muttering about my art, and flirting with cute girls.

A few pictures from my comic:

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I have a web comic called Fairy Play. You can find it here:
It is about a group of five humans stolen by fairies. Of the main five, two are autistic like me, one is a lesbian, one is gay, one is asexual, one is questioning. Each page is captioned panel by panel.

Sweetheart cat licked my hand awhile before laying his head upon me.
(Pics of my fluffy ragdoll kitty on my lap, head on my hand)

date idea: blowing kisses at the timeline as ur username floats on by but never talking to u

instance block recommendation (pro-trump, 4chan, conspiracy theories) 

My roommate followed the recipe, though he says he thinks he let too much water boil off because it turned into a delicious pudding.

Bop your possum except the possum is a small child screaming, "Do it FAAASTERRR!!" :yell:

Kid, hurling himself around on my bed 

the US military is an almost purely evil force and any good that it does could easily be subsumed by literally any other kind of structure that doesnt also indiscriminately murder people

valorizing and fetishizing the military as a unifying social force is literally fascist

south carolina pol, transmisia against youth 

#introduction #mastoart #creativetoots

here's my most recent self portrait, and current icon! here u can see that i am 1) engaged as heck, and 2) parent of a very good 13-year old cat named Pumpkin

Here's my review of the hottest new work of gender theory all the critics are raving about, Females, by Andrea Long Chu.

assistance request, ongoing long thing, paypal link, mh (--) 

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