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So I had been sobbing from dysphoria. But I drew myself, as I would be, if I could be. And it helped, a lot, even if it's just a picture I drew. Here's the modest version.

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I'm not new here, but I switched instances recently so I'm doing a new post.

Hi, I'm Sorrel, enby lesbian artist and mom. My web comic called Fairy Play is described in my pinned toot. My posts are a mix of amused commentary about my kid, muttering about my art, and flirting with cute girls.

A few pictures from my comic:

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I have a web comic called Fairy Play. You can find it here:
It is about a group of five humans stolen by fairies. Of the main five, two are autistic like me, one is a lesbian, one is gay, one is asexual, one is questioning. Each page is captioned panel by panel.

Just to add insult to injury, the boiler has broken this morning and it's going to cost £150 to fix 😭

If you can help at all I'd appreciate it so much.

wow what a beautiful and exotic bird. i've never seen such colours, such opulent symmetry. i think i'll call it the "pee cock"

i was on mushrooms at work and told my boss about mastodon and now they're trying to sign up help

I still feel that TERF works best as "Trans Exclusionary Regular Fascist"

You may have the complaint the statement repeats itself, but it strikes me as better way to frame them than as any flavor of feminist

afterthoughts -- 

first person lewd fic, part 3 

first person lewd fic, part 2 

first person lewd fic, just thinking aloud 

lewd art, whining 

Seeing a father of a ftm trans son asking for advice on the fedi AND getting tons and tons of (what I assume to be) useful advice and feedback in a troll-free, safe environment is exactly why this network is worth fighting for.

what the heck is my dang cat doing over there

lewd art, no visible genitals 

I tried to make it...not something that will get me kicked off wordpress but, uh, I think I'll upload what I just drew here and then go back and make it more modest.

shouting at Duckduckgo caps 

-searches for 'gathered up skirt' for a bunched up cloth reference for the panel I'm working on

Duckduckgo: You want to see skirts that gather at the waist?

Me: No. The internet is not allowed to have a cleaner mind than me. Try again, duck.

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